General Info

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a) Director of the World Chess Solving Championship will be Luc Palmans.

b) The Open solving tourney will be in 2 rounds with 6 problems / 2 hours each round. Director of the event will be Paz Einat.

c) The Open fairy solving tourney will be in 1 round of 2,5 hours with 12 problems. Juraj Lörinc will select the compositions. Harry Fougiaxis and Themis Argirakopoulos will act as local controllers. Details on the fairy pieces and conditions included in the contest will be announced in due course.

d) Judge of the week-long thematic composing tournament (open to congress participants only) will be Christopher Jones. The theme will be announced on Saturday 9th of October.

e) The theme and name of the judge of the Internet composing tourney will be published in early September.