Week-long thematic composing tourney

Helpmates in 2,5 or 3 moves are required with at least two phases (set play, twins, multiple solutions are allowed, but not duplex.) In each phase the W1 move unpins a white unit, which moves in the W2 and/or W3 move.
The tourney is open to all composers worldwide.
Maximum 2 entries per composer (joint compositions count for 1 full entry).
Closing date: Saturday 16 October 2021, 14:00 hrs.
Controller: Themis Argirakopoulos
Judge: Christopher Jones


Participants List

1 Alexander Kostka AUSTRIA
2 Gertrude Hofer AUSTRIA
3 Mikalai Sihnevich BELARUS
4 Andy Ooms BELGIUM
5 Eddy Van Beers BELGIUM
6 Edward Stoffelen BELGIUM
7 Elizabeth Stoffelen BELGIUM
8 Kristel Maes BELGIUM
9 Luc Palmans BELGIUM
10 Marcel Van Herck BELGIUM
11 Milan Petras CZECH REPUBLIC
12 Zdeněk Libiš CZECH REPUBLIC
13 Bjørn Enemark DENMARK
14 Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen DENMARK
15 Hannu Harkola FINLAND
16 Jorma Paavilainen FINLAND
17 Leena Turner FINLAND
18 Neal Turner FINLAND
19 Abdelaziz Onkoud FRANCE
20 Axel Gilbert FRANCE
21 Michel Caillaud FRANCE
22 Frank Richter GERMANY
23 Gerd Reichling GERMANY
24 Jochen Wege GERMANY
25 Maren Eggert GERMANY
26 Martin Minski GERMANY
27 Monika Kuhn GERMANY
28 Rainer Kuhn GERMANY
29 Torsten Linß GERMANY
30 Wieslava Thalmann GERMANY
31 David Hodge GREAT BRITAIN
32 Athanasios Spiliadis GREECE
33 Dimitris Skyrianoglou GREECE
34 Harry Fougiaxis GREECE
35 Maria Efstathopoulou GREECE
36 Nikos Kalesis GREECE
37 Nikos Mendrinos GREECE
38 Nikos Sidiropoulos GREECE
39 Nikos Vasilakis GREECE
40 Panagiotis Konidaris GREECE
41 Themis Argirakopoulos GREECE
42 Allan Bell IRELAND
43 Mark Erenburg ISRAEL
44 Menachem Witztum ISRAEL
45 Mordechay Chovnik ISRAEL
46 Nilly Witztum ISRAEL
47 Ofer Comay ISRAEL
48 Olga Erenburg ISRAEL
49 Paz Einat ISRAEL
50 Tatyana Chovnik ISRAEL
51 Julia Vysotska LATVIA
52 Dmitrijus Chocenka LITHUANIA
53 Gita Satkutė LITHUANIA
54 Martynas Limontas LITHUANIA
55 Milda Chocenkienė LITHUANIA
56 Stasys Steponavičius LITHUANIA
57 Vidmantas Satkus LITHUANIA
58 Viktoras Paliulionis LITHUANIA
59 Vilimantas Satkus LITHUANIA
60 Ajuna Soerjadi NETHERLANDS
61 Dolf Wissmann NETHERLANDS
62 Hans Uitenbroek NETHERLANDS
63 Johan de Boer NETHERLANDS
64 Juliana Vermeer NETHERLANDS
65 Koen Uitenbroek NETHERLANDS
66 Koen Versmissen NETHERLANDS
67 Lotte Uitenbroek NETHERLANDS
68 Peter van den Heuvel NETHERLANDS
69 Jakub Marciniszyn POLAND
70 Justyna Pinakiewicz POLAND
71 Kacper Piorun POLAND
72 Piotr Górski POLAND
73 Piotr Murdzia POLAND
74 Dinu-Ioan Nicula ROMANIA
75 Eric Huber ROMANIA
76 Laura-Lucia Huber ROMANIA
77 Paul Rãican ROMANIA
78 Vlaicu Crișan ROMANIA
79 Aleksey Popov RUSSIA
80 Andrey Selivanov RUSSIA
81 Anna Selivanova RUSSIA
82 Danila Moiseev RUSSIA
83 Danila Pavlov RUSSIA
84 Egor Sokolov RUSSIA
85 Evgeny Kopylov RUSSIA
86 Garifulla Khasanov RUSSIA
87 Irina Kuznetsova RUSSIA
88 Maksim Romanov RUSSIA
89 Marina Putintseva RUSSIA
90 Nikita Ushakov RUSSIA
91 Oleg Pervakov RUSSIA
92 Ural Khasanov RUSSIA
93 Yulia Dribinskaya RUSSIA
94 Yulia Romanova RUSSIA
95 Boric Hlebec SERBIA
96 Darko Hlebec SERBIA
97 Ilija Serafimović SERBIA
98 Marjan Kovačević SERBIA
99 Živan Šušulić SERBIA
100 Marek Kolčák SLOVAKIA
101 Marta Kolčáková SLOVAKIA
102 Oto Mihalčo SLOVAKIA
103 Kjell Widlert SWEDEN
104 Christel Ott SWITZERLAND
105 Franziska Iseli SWITZERLAND
106 Roland Ott SWITZERLAND
107 Thomas Maeder SWITZERLAND
108 Andrii Sergiienko UKRAINE
109 Dariya Smolyana UKRAINE
110 Dmitry Savenkov UKRAINE
111 Liudmyla Vasyliv UKRAINE
112 Milana Smolyana UKRAINE
113 Sergii Smolyanyj UKRAINE
114 Stanislav Vasyliv UKRAINE
115 Valery Kopyl UKRAINE
116 Valeryia Smolyana UKRAINE
117 Vladimir Aridov UKRAINE
118 Volodymyr Sergiienko UKRAINE
119 Yaroslava Smolyana UKRAINE
120 Abdulla Ali Hassan Aal Barket Alameeri UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Sabra composing tourney

New update: New closing date is on Wednesday 20/10/2021 at 19:00.


Menachem Witztum announces the 24th Sabra thematic tourney for helpmates in 2 moves, which is open to all problemists worldwide.

Update: The organizer added a clarification to make the definition clearer and pointed: In the diagram position there are no pinned black pieces. In at least one solution one of the black pieces is pinned in the mating position. In at least one additional solution two black pieces are pinned in the mating position. Please download the announcement again.


Open Fairy Solving Tournament

The Open fairy solving tournament will be in 1 round of 2,5 hours with 12 problems. Juraj Lörinc has selected the problems. Harry Fougiaxis and Themis Argirakopoulos will act as controllers.

Details regarding stipulations and fairy pieces/conditions: 2 x twomovers, 2 x three/moremovers, 3 x helpmates/help-stalemates, 1 x selfmate, 1 x reflexmate, 1 x help-selfmate, 1 x series-helpmate, 1 x proofgame, neutral pieces, nightrider, grasshopper, Circe, Patrol, Take & Make.

Health and Safety concerns

Some participants have asked about the protocol against COVID in Greece.
Please read thoroughly the official portal https://travel.gov.gr/ which is available in quite a few languages. In a nutshell:
If you are fully vaccinated and have a certificate, you do not have to show a negative test. Otherwise, you should present a recent negative PCR or rapid test result. Important note: For the Russian Federation, from 30.6 passengers must carry a negative PCR or rapid test result regardless if they are vaccinated or not.
Tourists must fill in a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) before arriving in Greece. You can fill in yours on the portal.
In the hotel, you should always follow the guidelines of the hotel personnel.
The protocol of the Greek Chess Federation orders for the players who are not vaccinated, to have one additional PCR or rapid test during the week.
Of course, the solvers should wear protective masks when seated; and obviously, we do not intend to act as police. Common sense should prevail.

Internet Tourney Announcement

Helpmates in 2 to 3 moves are required with neutral units (pawns included, kings not allowed). In each phase a neutral unit plays when it is Black’s turn to move and later when it is White’s turn to move or vice versa. The thematic moves could be played immediately (one right after the other) or with a delay. Fairy pieces are allowed, but fairy conditions are not. Set play, twins and multiple solutions are allowed, but not duplex or zero-positions. Composers may participate with two entries as a maximum.

Closing date: 25 September 2021

Controller: Themis Argirakopoulos

Judge: Kostas Prentos

WCCC 2021 Internet tourney announcement

General Info

a) Director of the World Chess Solving Championship will be Luc Palmans.

b) The Open solving tourney will be in 2 rounds with 6 problems / 2 hours each round. Director of the event will be Paz Einat.

c) The Open fairy solving tourney will be in 1 round of 2,5 hours with 12 problems. Juraj Lörinc will select the compositions. Harry Fougiaxis and Themis Argirakopoulos will act as local controllers. Details on the fairy pieces and conditions included in the contest will be announced in due course.

d) Judge of the week-long thematic composing tournament (open to congress participants only) will be Christopher Jones. The theme will be announced on Saturday 9th of October.

e) The theme and name of the judge of the Internet composing tourney will be published in early September.